My Secret Self Esteem Booster

I thought I would share this little video with everyone who may need a self esteem boost every now and then or maybe you just need a little unconditional love to come your way.  It’s so simple and lovely that each time I watch it I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because it makes me so happy. Read More…

How To Manifest Easily Using The Interview Technique

We know from listening to Gregg Braden and his fantastic lecture on The Divine Matrix (middle video near the footer on this page!) that there is no such thing as empty space between you and I or us and the stars, but instead there is a living field with intelligence that is alive and pulsing and that we communicate with every day with a special language….and most of us don’t even know it. I encourage you to watch the video (to find out what the special language is). It is the full length lecture and it ties science and spirituality together very nicely, so you will get that “Ah..ha” moment, I promise you.

How To Manifest Anything – The Easy Way

To manifest anything quickly and easily you should be aware of these things (1) you must have the desire (2) you must have the total belief that it will manifest and (3) you must be in the state of mind that you already have it.  (4) take some kind of physical action towards your desire. The number 3, is the one most of us have trouble with. Being able to pretend and summon up the feelings that you already have something without having it can be a bit tricky. That’s where this really simple manifestation technique comes in. Read More…

Reality – What Happened and How Did We Get Here?

This is a short post for all you David Icke fans – of which I am one. If you’ve never been exposed to any of the talks that David offers, here is the perfect talk from October 2012. It’s recently been added to YT, but it most likely won’t last long for obvious reasons. Here’s the link to Part 1 of 4 – you’ll see the other parts in the sidebar.

What is Reality?

I liked this one because it seems like he offers more in depth information about the situation of humanity – and how we can change it.  In the part 2 lecture, he explains many mysteries like what caused such dramatic climate changes and global floods etc, and how we got hijacked all without frightening you to death! I could barely read his book “Humanity Get Off Your Knees” , it really scared the dickens out of me.  But this time David gives crucial  information so you can feel all powerful by using the power of the illusion instead of falling under the “illusion of power” thus feeling “powerless”.

Be open minded and it will keep you on the edge of your seat and answer the many questions we all have about what is reality and the future of humanity.  It’s 4 parts, so enjoy it while you can. Each part is about 2 1/2 hours long, so sit back, get comfy, enjoy a beverage and get ready to be blown away  Ask the question – are you believing what you are seeing or are you seeing what you believe? Don’t wait too long to watch! If you miss it on YT, this is worth it to buy, click the image to go to David’s site.

Affirmations For Money And Wealth | Manifest Abundance Pt 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Manifest Abundance Series. In Part One we took steps to clear our emotional blocks to receiving abundance. In Part Two we removed our limiting beliefs and fears about money, wealth and abundance. In Part 3 we want to fill up the empty space left by removing our old beliefs about money with our new beliefs about money.

We accomplish this by speaking positive affirmations for money and wealth. Read More…

Removing Your Fears About Money | Manifest Abundance Pt. 2 | fear of money

Limiting subconscious beliefs could be the reason why you’re not having much luck attracting money. Most teachers say it’s better to attract the things that money can buy instead of attracting money in of itself. The most common reason for this is that most people have limiting beliefs or fears about money. Most of us actually have a “fear of money”. Read More…